Zero 88 FLX Console 4096 Ch.

"Zero 88 FLX Console 4096 Ch.; Lighting console; Control up to 4096 fixtures; 24 multi-function faders; User Definable Keys (UDKs); 241 playbacks (each with submaster & full cuestack functionality); 240 groups, 5 x 240 palettes (Color, Beam, Shape, Position, Effect); Full control of multicell fixtures; Full manual or automated control of move-on-dark; DVI-D output for optional external touch screen; Dedicated GO, Pause & Playback Fader for theatrical control; Multi-touch interfaces for Color & Moving Lights; Hands-on intuitive control via 4 encoder wheels; Free mobile apps for wireless control (iOS & Android); Art-Net 4, sACN and CITP; 7"" multi-touch screen; Automatic Groups, Palettes, Effects and Macros; Color mixing, picking & image picker; Filter libraries by LEE Filters, Rosco and Apollo; Mood Boards by LEE Filters; Additive, subtractive and HSV control; Store single or multiple cues on each of the playbacks; Extensive fixture library; RDM compatibility; Showfile compatibility with other ZerOS consoles; Quiet, dust free, fanless operation; Scratch-resistant rugged dual-skin construction; Channels patchable across 64 Universes; Two XLR Outputs (2 x 5 pin); CE compliant to all relevant standard; Designed and manufactured to ISO9001 Standard; Dimensions WxHxD: 660 x 90 x 340 mm; Weight: 7.5kg"

4999EUR :


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